PLC Arduino UNO.

 This time I publish the complete project for the programming of the Arduino UNO in Ladder ladder diagram, based on the IEC61131 standard.

Finally and after a long time working on this project, I present a fully functional version of both programming, editing and monitoring of an Arduino UNO in ladder diagram language.

 The project is based on the Arduino UNO Hardware, and does not need any other external program or previous knowledge of Arduino to make it work.

Although this PLC does not have a large capacity at the signal and function level, it is sufficient for small automations and for learning.


After downloading the compressed folder with the software, we can run the program and connect the Arduino to the PC (Arduino drivers must be installed for our operating system to recognize it).

By pressing the System -> Arduino button, we will enter this screen, where by selecting the serial port and pressing Upload System, the program will load the already compiled Firmware to the Arduino that will allow it to function as a PLC.

Once the upload is complete, this process will no longer need to be repeated.

At this moment we already have the active PLC and we can edit programs from the editor, load them into the PLC, verify them, put in Run / Stop or even monitor, like any other commercial software from the most famous PLCs on the market.

Image of the editing screen:

 Image of the monitoring screen:

Download the Software for free and without limitations ….



Digital inputs:
I0 pin A0 of the Arduino.
I1 pin A1 of the Arduino.
I2 pin A2 of the Arduino.
I3 pin A3 of the Arduino.
I4 pin A4 of the Arduino.
I5 pin A5 of the Arduino.
I6 pin 2 of the Arduino.
I7 pin 3 of the Arduino.
I8 pin 4 of the Arduino.
I9 pin 13 of the Arduino.


Digital outputs:
Q0 pin 5 of the Arduino.
Q1 pin 6 of the Arduino.
Q2 pin 7 of the Arduino.
Q3 pin 8 of the Arduino.
Q4 pin 9 of the Arduino.
Q5 pin 10 of the Arduino.
Q6 pin 11 of the Arduino.
Q7 pin 12 of the Arduino.


0.1sec timers:
T0 Range 0 – 25.4 seconds.
T1 Range 0 – 25.4 seconds.
T2 Range 0 – 25.4 seconds.
T3 Range 0 – 25.4 seconds.
T4 Range 0 – 25.4 seconds.
T5 Range 0 – 25.4 seconds.
T6 Range 0 – 25.4 seconds.
T7 Range 0 – 25.4 seconds.

 Marcas internas:
M0 marca interna.
M1 marca interna.
M2 marca interna.
M3 marca interna.
M4 marca interna.
M5 marca interna.
M6 marca interna.
M7 marca interna.
M8 marca interna.
M9 marca interna.
M10 marca interna.
M11 marca interna.
M12 marca interna.
M13 marca interna.
M14 marca interna.
M15 marca interna.
M16 marca interna.
M17 marca interna.
M18 marca interna.
M19 marca interna.
M20 marca interna.
M21 marca interna.
M22 marca interna.
M23 marca interna.
M24 marca interna.
M25 marca interna.
M26 marca interna.
M27 marca interna.
M28 marca interna.
M29 marca interna.
M29 marca interna.

M30, M31

I hope you like it and can use the PLC …